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Just fill in the information above and select your state.  Check our Driving Record Data section for details on what may be on your driving record.  Check the FAQ section for additional information.

DMV_stateWhy do I need to see what is on my driving record?  

Car Insurance Rates Did you car insurance rates just go up?  You may have points or violations on your driving record that you may not be aware of.   Are they correct?   Should they be on my driving record?  Did you take a traffic school course that should have removed the points from your driving record.   Find out now by ordering your driving record online.

JobsAre you applying for a job?

If your job requires you to drive a company vehicle or company truck or even if the company will be giving you a car to drive on and off the job they may run your driving record.  It is to your advantage to know what is on your Driving Record before your interview so you can prepare for any questions your employer may have regarding your MVR.


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